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Sep. 10th, 2008

Isabella Soprano

pepperoni and peanut butter

last weeks walking was not recorded, and it wasn't as it should have been-every day, but se.la.vie.

this past week I did some walking, didn't time it, didn't track it, but that made me not care about walking for over an hour, it was more relaxing that way.

then tuesday I went out for some pizza the size of my had. it had all sorts of meat-just what a girl really needs!

I should have walked some of that off, but I drank it off in any case.

then tonight I feel victim to peanut butter. I know no one knows exactly what that means, but I was walking/jogging 1/2 and 1/2 tonight, and by the 3rd bout of jogging I finally felt a little less ill. the first two stretches made me want to hurl.

my goal is to be jogging the WHOLE time instead of walking, or you know just for warm ups/downs.

that walk sure is coming up quickly!


Aug. 26th, 2008


no more days off....ugh

I know the 'every single day' thing isn't going to last, but I really shouldn't have taken last night off. I went walking tonight and my calves were itching me fairly quickly. maybe it was the dancing I did all night before walking ;) I also found my DJ Ditty, so that added some music to my pace. And when I got to my 75% spot I decided to add a little more distance to see what I could do. And then I jogged for a few blocks [yes, I said blocks. I'm starting slow]

The jogging felt like I put more of my body to use. The walking doesn't seem to be helping much except that I feel better after walking. Plus the (brain fart) curvy part of my foot-the middle part-the ......I can't think of it...well that part of my foot started to hurt, and I'm not sure if it's my $10 shoes or what. I'll give it a week or two to see if it goes away or if I need new shoes.

Day whatever: 1.2 miles, 24 minutes

Aug. 25th, 2008

hampster games

dye Harely X-Mas walk!!

Subject: dye

Went to walmart. jake picked out some hair dye. he colored my hair.

it didn't change as much as I thought it would, but it's not bad. I'll have to post pictures soon. that's it! I've finally broken my hair-dying cherry! I've never done *anything* before; now...it's ON. time to experiment!

Subject: Harely

god, it pains me to miss-spell Harley. Thom took Jake and I to the new Harley Museum today, and while walking through part of it where they showed a page in a notebook of sketches, and someone trying out different fonts I noticed that the top line said "Harely Davidson"

really? that's like screwing up your own name! I

I wonder if anyone else noticed?

Subject: X-Mas

I'm just watching the QVC show about Christmas...."it's only 4 months away!!" gawd. can't they let us savor the last of summer first? kthx.

Subject: Walk

I don't know how far I walked, but going through the museum was at least a mile, so I'll just take it at that.

1 [s.l.o.w.] mile: 3 hours

Onward to Monday! [boo!]

Aug. 21st, 2008

Isabella Soprano

pizza the hut

After much encouragement by my husband, I've decided to get off my ass.
scratch that.

my husband has been an ass lately. [that's more like it] he has been saying something every day EVERY DAY to me about how fat I am. I know I'm fat. I don't need people to tell me. I don't need you to constantly pinch my "rolls" or say "I never realized how big your thighs were" or just stare at my stomach saying "you really need to work on that".

I'll change when I'm damn well ready. to say the least, with all these comments I've not felt even remotely attractive lately. I've felt like shit. like pizza the hut. it gets me depressed and I'm not afraid to say it. because now I'm over that shit. I'm not depressed anymore, more embarrassed than anything. I don't want to get on a scale, because I know [generally] what it'll say. I don't need to face that. I don't want to weigh ___lbs. I want to be healthy-no matter my size.

so what did I do? well, at work there is this Alzheimers walk that the company sponsors every year. I decided to walk. I decided to start a team to walk. It's a good thing, really. I'm the first person ever in the company to start a full fledged team and we're already kicking butt. Well, after eating a few donuts I decided that if I was really going to be the captain of a team for a walk I better not be winded come the day of the walk.

I didn't think it'd be that bad. I thought it would be easy. how hard is it to walk?

then I had some marathon sex. and it was hard to keep up.

so I started walking. [this was yesterday, btw]

I planned on walking what I thought was a short distance, and started out fine. a few blocks-literally and pathetically-into it I was breathing hard. I was like "are you serious? I can't even get this far without my pulse skyrocketing?"

it was terribly pathetic. so I kept walking. I did my little distance and went home. I got on the computer and googled the distance I walked. It said 1.5 miles, but I'm taking it down to just one-gotta leave room for error.

so DAY 1- 1 mile, 20 minutes

Then today comes. I am determined, and excited to keep going. ahh, honeymoon periods. they are wonderful aren't they? you're all happy and dreaming of the accomplishments you'll make! I just hope they stick around til October when the walk is, and hopefully much longer than that.

I take to the pavement, not really bursting with energy, but thinking that may be the best time to get out there-just in time to spike my heart rate! I walk, and the only thing I do differently is I stop in the middle of the walk for literally 30 seconds to stretch, then head on out again. Today seems to go faster, easier to say the least. I'm not burning, I'm not all sweaty, I'm feeling better than yesterday. I get home and it's:

DAY 2- 1 mile, 25 minutes

how'd I gain 5 minutes? I felt good about my pace! I wanted to walk more! but I wanted to compare some times first, so I stuck to the plan to just head home. maybe I should have walked more. I mean, it couldn't have hurt.

oh well, we'll see what day 3 brings!

:::BY THE BY:::

I know it's been longer than shit since I've been on here, and it'll take just as long to really get back into the swing of being on here every day or so. If I have any LJ friends still out there, I really do miss you. It's just that my life doesn't include personal internet time every day. It's more a "use for necessities" type instrument for me. you know, for checking email once a week, or balancing the checking account, or printing out the NFL and NASCAR schedules so I don't miss my sports. either way, I miss you all, and I do apologize. hopefully we can be in contact soon.

May. 15th, 2008


(no subject)

are red patent leather peep toe pumps appropriate for the office?

May. 13th, 2008



so work sucks. not like "I am ready to quit" sucks, but "this is just getting redonkulous" sucks. I am in limbo between moving from our current locale and our new locale, and I am working without a lot of important info.

it's just frustrating.

GOTD: [from a customer] "Hey, thanks Melissa for working so hard on this, we dodged a bullet today. go home and have a glass of vodka."

I may take him up on that.

Apr. 29th, 2008

Isabella Soprano

drinking at work

I had a 'convention' after work today...it included dinner. and my boss bought drinks.

I'll be amazed if I can type this entry without spelling mistakes. Let me start at the office. I am "supposed" to leave at 430 pm, I had a caregiver there until 4:58pm, and dinner started at 530pm and I still had to change. so I started chagin in the office. after the doors were locke of course. and then when I was headed to the bathroom to freshen up my face and brush my teecth and all that I met my boss right outside the door with his fiance. wonderfl. I had to run back into the office and make sure my clothes weren't strewn about the place. then I showed him all I had done to pack up the office.

annnyway. I followed him and his loverly BMW to dinner and he bought the first round of drinks. I just had whatever he had. He apparently ordered a burbon on the rocks. I think. whatever it was, it was smooth and delicious. Then for dinner he ordered 2 bottles of wine for the table. well, there were ten of us, and my "date" ted didn't have any, and I had 4 glasses. it was good wine. and good dinner.

at the end of the night we were all sitting around the bar chatting, and he had me follow him home. I knkew where I was, and I knkew how to et home, but it's tsill nice to follow somone there. He's a cool boss. his fiance still scares me thoughl.

Apr. 15th, 2008

happy together

Freeway Fun

I had two things happen to me on the freeway the other day. Nothing ever happens to me except traffic. There must have been a full moon or something...anyway...

In the morning I was driving to work and I'm stopping and all that cause traffic is backed up and I look in my rearview mirror to see the cube van coming up behind me....not stopping. or slowing. at all. I'm looking to one side, seeing traffic whiz by me, looking to the other, wondering if I can turn into the emergency lane in time when finally I hear nothing but SCREECHING BREAKS coming up behind me. OHfuckHOLYSHIT! I sat there, not able to do anything but look in my mirror and watch the van finally attempt to stop, and he ended up next to me in the emergency lane. After some deep breathing I was off to work, happy as a clam that I wasn't suffering from whiplash.

On the way home from work I had a boost of confidence when a young man kept trying to stop next to me and wave and smile. I have no idea how he even thought we'd end up talking or whatever. I mean, what did he expect? For us to roll down the windows and talk on the freeway? I just put my hand up, pointed to my ring, and waved. Then sped off. It was nice, but it never would have worked out. He drove a dodge.

and Jake, I know you'll be reading this. you know I love you.

Mar. 30th, 2008

don't fuck with me

Wrestlemania XXIV

I'm just sitting here watching Wrestlemania again. It plays twice, and I figure if I'm going to pay $54.99 for this I'm going to watch it as long as possible.

I must say that I was both excited and disappointed this year. Some matches just needed to be cut out of the sheer stupidity they exhibited. [read:ANYTHING INVOLVING HORNSWOGGLE] and yet others were great matches because they both continued an era [read:the undertaker, I would have hated to see Cane win] and ended an era [read:Ric Flair]

Last night I watched Ric Flair be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and I swear there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was touching. Yes, I do realize that I don't know these people. Yes, I realize it has absolutely nothing to do with me. Yes, it's just some form of entertainment, but you know what? Some girls cry at the end of a sappy movie. I happen to remember watching the Nature Boy when I was little, and he's been wrestling for the past couple DECADES, so he's more a part of some peoples' lives than certain family memebers or other people/stories/relationships that they get into.

It was a really good match. And now it's on again, so I have to go watch it if for no other reason that it's part of the history of the WWE.

Mar. 22nd, 2008

don't fuck with me

Dear Winter, fuck off. thanks.

let's just go for the record and get another 15 inches next week, k?



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